5 Browser based crypto mining

People are still cynical about mining in today’s date, but mining is always profitable in the long run. Check out How I started mining in 2021.
With that been said, let’s drive straight into the list.

The first one is my personal favorite and the base for mining – Cryptotab.

1. Cryptotab

This browser has all the advantages you need for mining. You can always do your research and find what suits you the best. This browser mines bitcoins and works like a charm.

Download here.

2. ltcminer

Litecoin Miner - Mine and Earn free Litecoin

This one mines Litcoin. You will need a litcoin address for this to work. If you are in India you can always get a wallet like WazirX or Zebpay and get your own wallet address. I personally recommend Binance for people with some previous experience in crypto. Once you have the wallet address, enter it and see your miner at work. You can also sign in to keep a track of what you have mined so far. You can always check the record with your wallet address.

Download here.

3. Trx-co.in

TRX has the same process as above, Enter your wallet address and start mining. TRX is very rewarding in terms of mining and has a huge potential for growth.

Download here.

4. minidoge

Doge coin has recently gained traction and will gain popularity and growth in the coming future.

Download here.

5. Raven

This coins has its own fanbase and a lot is going on around these coins so stay connected and stay updated with the ongoing market and what is happening where.

Download here.

Multiple Mining – With all this browser-based cloud mining going on, I have managed to keep everything running simultaneously. So in the same amount of time, I am diversifying the sources. Have added a second desktop to windows and this is how it looks –

An alternative to this method is, check out out our mining page which allows you to mine 4 coins on a single page.

About wallet – It’s better to have multiple wallets like WazirX or Zebpay but the reason I personally recommend Binance as it allows a wide range of coins in which you can trade and eventually convert it to your desiered Fiat currency.

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