How I started mining in 2021

Have always been fascinated by crypto and mining but never wanted to spend the money required for mining hardware. Up until I Came across this browser-based mining which made life so much easier. It’s a regular browser that I use like any other browser but while I am surfing the internet I have mined some crypto in the background.

Sounds good right, Pulse the built-in VPN of the browser restricts your surfing to yourself. So why did I start mining when everyone is pulling out of the business.

Allow me to introduce cloud mining, Cloud mining allows you to mine crypto by simply keeping a watch on the miner at a small fee. If you wish to be extremely serious and plan to have a decent chunk by end of the year, It is advisable to add the highest possible booster to your cloud miners and get ahead from the others.

Now you might have the most IMP question – Is it worth the money?
If you are familiar with the crypto market, the calculation of the mined coins may not justify the cost today. but with time the value of this crypto will definitely grow.

Another reason to use CryptoTabAffiliate marketing, More people you connect to your network of miners the better are your chances of earning. You are rewarded with a small commission on every mining activity done in your network. Check out this video below to know more –

So I started mining crypto on the free version of the Cryptotab on my android phone which was allowing me 1500 H/s for 2 hours. and there is a waiting of half an hour before you can start another mining session.
Was making around approx 0.000003 BTC a day by keeping a track and mining after every 2hr 35 minutes give and take. around 6 to 7 sessions a day.
Not even close to what I expected to make by all this activity.

After a while got an offer from google play store which was selling me the pro version of the application for 55 INR which was 210 Previously.
So The features of pro version – It allowed me mining for 3 hours in a streatch, Pluse there was no waiting time between 2 mining sessions. This was a good upgrade but still was not making enough form cloud mining.

I used my PC which was giveing aprox 4200 H/s, but use to heat up a lot so use to mine on PC between breaks and ideal download sessions. That gave a little boost, but the real boost in performance came when I added 5X boost to my cloud mining. It cost me 2100 For 1 month, but Now I get 7500 H/s only from cloud which I use to get from 2 devices and basic cloud mining.
With the new upgrade I can reach a maximum of 13000 H/s, Roughly 0.000012 BTC.
At this Rate I can only make around 1 usd ie Aprox – 70 INR per day Which is also far from what I intend to achieve. The maximum I can reach with a 10X boost is 140INR per day. This is puerly based on your mining activity. The affliate marketing allows you to make that extra which can be your real earning.

Conclusion – Mining using this method is only profitable if you have the 10X boost to your cloud mining along with a paid subscription for android browser. Affiliate marketing is highly rewarding so keep recomending while you mining.

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