Is mining profitable in 2021?

The most important question is mining profitable in 2021?
Well, the answer is simple and yes. But if you plan to spend money on hardware, that won’t be a good idea either.

There are other methods through which you can over these factors and earn a decent profit from your mining experience.

Time for some questions – How is profit calculated in Mining?
The underlying cost of mining is the energy consumed and the hardware used for mining. In 2021 it is not at all a good idea to invest in hardware designed specifically for mining. But there are people who have already done that and are finding ways to compensate the cost by offering their computing power for hire and make something for themselves along the way.

Enters cloud mining –
Cloud mining is an easy and effective way of the mining as all you need to do is make sure your assigned miner is continuously at work. At intervals of 3 hours. Now, much you will make depend on how much computational power (H/s) you provider your miner.

Computing power
How much computing power you want to use is completely on your choice. But my suggestion is that there is limited time before the party is over, it’s still a few years away but the most you dedicate today will give you an upper hand.

How to start mining?
There are many options available for mining. But the relatively most simple and effective method is browser-based mining done by Cryptotab.

Download here

On desktop – Depending on your CPU, you will get an idea of how much your hardware is capable of mining.

* I got Approx 1300 H/s on my Dell Inspiron i7 and 4200 H/s on my desktop intel e3 processor

On Android – The free version allows you to mine for 2 hours @ appro 1500 H/s. And after every 2 hours, there is waiting for half an hour for you to start mining again. This can be skipped and you can buy a pro version which allows you 3 hours of mining without the half an hour wait.

Download for Android

About cloud boost – If you wish to take this seriously and want to dedicatedly be a miner, I highly recommend you take the highest boost.
Because you will end up spending the same amount of time in monitoring anyways, So why not make the most of it.

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