Pay for design in Crypto in India

There has been an increasing demand for digital design services as India adapts to the new and better ways to function with the boom of the internet and power-efficient mobile phones. With time it has become important to Adapt to a new way of receiving payments for designers and content creators as it opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities.
This thought can be perceived with a certain criticism, so here are few points which can help build a perspective.

How do I convert my crypto into INR?
There are applications(wallets) in the market that allows its users to convert their crypto into INR. The ones which I personally use are –

The application helps you withdraw your money within 24 to 48 hours. Factors like country financial laws and RBI guidelines can affect the withdrawal, Other than that they are a safer way to the crypto market.

So Once you have the wallet then what? 
It’s not like people are lining up to pay in crypto, But it’s better to start putting the word out that you accept the payment in crypto for your service. That will slowly build a reputation and it will be like a seed for people who come across you on a professional front.

Who should I ask for work to get paid in crypto?
Once you are ready with what is needed to receive the payment, you can start by targetting countries where crypto transactions are completely legal. Make a list of possible prospects and strat approaching, you might get an upper hand compared to other agencies as you are ready to accept payment in crypto.

What if I don’t get paid for my work?
Now, this is a question for someone who has recently entered the design space. People getting work done from designers and not paying them is a very common thing in India and in some places in the world as well. That is where payment structures come in. Payment structures help the client understand what they are paying for, and gives the service provider a reference point to start a conversation related to commercials. Plus an advance will always ensure trust between both parties. 

Conclusion – 
Accepting payment in crypto is a transaction across borders with no governing involves. It is purely between the involved parties and they are responsible for what happens next. Looking at the global financial structure it was high time people stopped believing in institutions for managing their money, and take matters into their own hands. That’s how crypto was born, and it is here to stay for a long time, So better adapt to this method of work and stay ahead of the curve.

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